Carpets – Why Vacuum Cleaning is Not Enough!

Carpets definitely add character to any space they are laid on but keeping them clean can be a quite a nightmare. A dirty carpet not only looks terrible, it can be a storehouse of dust, insects and germs, all of which come with their own set of health hazards. And we haven’t even gotten started on the awful smells that are so typical in humid climates.

While you might think of doing it yourself, carpet cleaning is a job best left to pros. Here’s why-

1. For starters, professional carpet cleaners are trained in the right technique and know which cleaning methods work best for a particular carpet type. You might have thought a carpet cleaning spray would kill all the bugs on it but do you know which variant suits which carpet type? More so, there are varied ways of handling spoiled areas on a carpet depending on the fabric and nature of the stain.

2. DIY methods often end of spoiling the entire surface of a carpet, and sometimes eve the floor beneath. Store bought solutions not only eat into your expenses but may cause more harm than good if you don’t know how to use them correctly. Cleaners, on the other hand, have professional-grade products that yield results without any collateral damage. More so, the professionals apply floor sealants that prevent the stains from impressing onto the surface.

3. Carpets are practically dust magnets. Vacuuming it at home just eradicates the superficial dust layer, while carpet cleaners remove the dust particles from deep within. Since carpets are a weighty investment, you need to ensure that post cleanup, the carpet is dry. Vacuum dryers at home do not aid in complete drying thus leading to growth of mildew, which causes that musty odor and may cause allergies in some people. It is only a professional cleaning company that can ensure complete drying using sophisticated equipment and products.

4. Even if you broom up a carpet at home, there are chances that mites or similar insects are led free around your room. This not just increases chances of allergies for kids or pets but also leaves the carpet untidy. Professional cleaners have their own equipment that negates spread of such allergens. Moreover, cleaning an entire carpet is a heavy task in the literal sense. Therefore, it is best to relegate such tasks to a cleaning company.

Choosing such a company eases you from the worry about your home smelling or looking bad due to a soiled carpet. Make sure you shortlist a reputable cleaner and check out their cleaning deals on offer. The holiday season could bring in great discounts as well.