Carpets Cleaning

Weekend Project: Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

As winter approaches, it makes it rather difficult on the rugs to sustain the rough weather along with water, mud, and grime that is bought along inside. During such times and otherwise too, it is important that a thorough cleaning be provided to the carpets and rugs at home so that they last much longer and their shine remains intact. There are some very important dos and don’ts while cleaning carpets which should be followed diligently. This weekend, take up a weekend project of cleaning your rugs and carpet by following the below given methodology. According to experts, you must deep clean your carpets at least once a year.

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Carpets – Why Vacuum Cleaning is Not Enough!

Carpets definitely add character to any space they are laid on but keeping them clean can be a quite a nightmare. A dirty carpet not only looks terrible, it can be a storehouse of dust, insects and germs, all of which come with their own set of health hazards. And we haven’t even gotten started on the awful smells that are so typical in humid climates.
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