How to Clean Your Toilet Effectively: Simple Tips and Tricks

The toilet, while an area that is not much discussed during home maintaining, is an important part of the house and needs to be taken care so that the fixtures are good, the water supply is proper and there is no water clogging.

No one wants to clean toilets as it is a boring task and also gross to some extent if you think about it. However, everyone always wants a clean toilet to use and thus it is important that you maintain your toilets well. Even if it grosses you out, you will have to make sure that the toilet remains clean as it can also be a haven for microorganisms to grow and thrive.

If you are confused about the best way to clean the toilet, here are some tips and tricks that will make it easier for you.

  1. Instead of making use of hard chemicals, you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean the toilet. Simply let it sit for 30 minutes and then flush it. It not just cleans the toilet but even disinfects it effectively.
  2.  How about toilet bombs? These easy to use rounds can be made using half cup each of baking soda and white vinegar. Add some essential tea tree oil to it and you have a fragment explosion to clean your toilets!
  3. Unsightly rings are a common sight in all toilets. If you want to get rid of it you can make use of the toilet pumice stone. This product is easily available in online stores and you can make use of it to get rid of the stain rings.
  4. Did you know Alka-Seltzer is very effective in cleaning toilets? Simply drop two tablets into the toilet bowl and let it stand for 5-10 minutes. Then using toilet brush, clean it and your toilet bowl will be clean as ever, now just flush away and see how clean your toilet looks.
  5. We are pretty sure you didn’t know about this cleaning solution – lemon and salt! That’s right, the ever awesome lemon can be used for cleaning the toilet effectively. All you got to do is cut the fruit in half and dip it in salt. And then simply scrub the toilet with this half. The toilet will not just be cleaned but will also smell good!
  6. Another popular trick is to use coke for cleaning the toilet. One sees a lot of Pinterest posts dedicated to this trick. The mild acidity makes it useful for cleaning the bowl. Simply pour a glass of coke in the toilet and let it sit for 5-8 minutes and then flush. Repeat for tougher stains.
  7. One of the best and easiest ways to clean toilet is by pouring distilled vinegar and then flushing it. In case the water level doesn’t reach the stains, you can use a paper towel and soak it in distilled vinegar and put it on the stains for a few hours.
  8. Keep in mind to never mix your acidic cleaners with bleach based sprays. Make sure to follow the instructions correctly.
  9. Many people do not realize that it is very important to clean under the rim of the toilet as that is the place where the bacteria thrive. After putting the disinfectant, scrub it with a hard toilet brush to ensure that the bacteria and germs no longer stay there.

Keep an important tip in mind that whenever you clean the toilets, it is very important to wear gloves as toilets are a haven for bacteria and you will want to keep your hands safe. Also make sure that you buy thick rubber gloves so that your hands are well protected all the time. You should even purchase them in distinct colors so as not to mix them with your daily washing gloves.

Toilet Cleaning

These tips and tricks are tried and tested by homemakers and are very effective. Due to the simplicity of their formulation, you can include them in your daily cleaning routine. In case you don’t have a cleaning routine, then you can always adopt one of the above mentioned tricks.

Unhealthy Toilet Environment

If you do not clean your toilets regularly, while you may not be able to see it from your eyes, it gives rise to bacteria and germs. These germs can lead to severe diseases and thus run a risk to your health. If you wish to remain safe from such conditions, it is best that you keep your toilets clean as well as disinfected. While you may find the routine a bit tiring, it always pays to have cleaner washrooms and toilets. You should also encourage members of the house, including kids to keep the toilets clean by flushing properly and also cleaning the bowls with water jets whenever necessary. Without your realization, unclean toilets could lead to serious problems. One comes across many articles about the health problems faced when the bacteria growing in the toilets come in contact with the human skin. It is therefore important that you make sure that your toilets are clean and disinfected.