Tips for Cleaning Sofa

Sofas are a part of our daily lives and they are used extensively, especially you have kids at home. It comes as no surprise that they get dirty rather quickly and therefore they need to be cleaned regularly. Not just top cleaning, but deep cleaning also becomes essential. If you do not wish to spend a hefty amount of professional cleaning, then you can choose to clean it yourself while keeping the following tips and tricks in mind. Read further to know more.

  • To clean a sofa well, the first step is to vacuum it thoroughly. Remove all the cushions and clear away anything that is lying in between and then vacuum it. Make use of the special vacuum attachments to clean from the crevices where a lot of dust is settled. It is a good idea to make use of the soft brush so that it does not damage your upholstery.
  • If you are looking to simply remove stains from the sofa, then you can avoid the entire cleaning process and only do some spot cleaning of stains. For this, you can simply make a mild solution of warm water along with a mild dish washing liquid. This will help to clean small stains. Using a clean damp cloth, apply the liquid mix lightly on the stain. Don’t make the sofa too wet nor rub the stain vigorously as it will make it difficult to remove the stain even further. Now take another clean damp cloth and rinse the spot and let it air dry. If you have red wine stains then then make use of Hydrogen Peroxide. Once it’s dried, sprinkle some baking soda to keep it smelling fresh.
  • In case you have a fabric sofa which does not have removable covers then there are many ways to do a deep clean of such sofas, although it is advisable that you first go through the safety instructions provided with your sofa, lest you ruin the fabric while cleaning it. For deep cleaning, make use of a steam cleaner as it will offer very good cleaning. Make sure you air dry everything before using the sofa.
  • If you have leather sofas, then you will have to be careful of your methodology as leather gets damaged when too much of water or soap is used. Firstly start by vacuuming the sofa gently, especially from the crevices. If you see any mildew or mould growth then spray a mild solution made out of vinegar and water and quickly wipe it away. It is extremely important that you make use of specialist leather cleaning products or else other products could harm the leather. Wax based soaps or saddle soap is a good option as it will not damage the leather. When it comes to leather, remember that less use of products is always preferred. Once the leather has dried down, look out for any dryness or cracks. If you spot them, then spray some leather conditioner. A good leather conditioner will help to extend the life of your sofa and make it impervious to dirt and grime while maintaining its shine. There are very few products available for leather sofas and therefore it is best to purchase the commercially available ones as they are proven to be effective.
  • For a suede sofa, apart from the usual vacuuming, you can make use of denatured alcohol to get rid of stains. For the usual grime and dirt you can make use of a mixture of baking soda with club soda.

Before you set out to try any products or to clean by yourself make sure you first read the washing and safety instructions provided with your sofa. When it comes to using products, it is always advisable to first do a spot test at an inconspicuous area which is not seen by everyone. In this manner you will know whether the product is suitable for your sofa or not. As mentioned earlier, you will come across a number of products, it is best to stick to the commercially available ones as they have been tested and their effectiveness has been proven.

Cleaning sofas is not a very difficult task, only by taking care of a few things, you will be able to clean your sofas easily. Just pay attention to what you are using and follow the product as well as sofa cleaning instructions and you will be able to clean it easily. Furthermore, follow the above mentioned tips and you will see how easy it is to clean the sofa.

When it comes to leather sofas, you need to be a bit mindful as that material can be ruined easily with too much water or soap. Therefore you need to take care of these few factors while you clean the sofa set; that’s it and you are all set.