Weekend Project: Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

As winter approaches, it makes it rather difficult on the rugs to sustain the rough weather along with water, mud, and grime that is bought along inside. During such times and otherwise too, it is important that a thorough cleaning be provided to the carpets and rugs at home so that they last much longer and their shine remains intact. There are some very important dos and don’ts while cleaning carpets which should be followed diligently. This weekend, take up a weekend project of cleaning your rugs and carpet by following the below given methodology. According to experts, you must deep clean your carpets at least once a year.

Choose One Room

Firstly you will have to concentrate your efforts on one room at a time. Choose the room that sees the most traffic as the carpet of that room might have soiled the most. Look for a rug or carpet in the room which either has not been cleaned from a while or sees a lot of traffic and thus gets dirty very fast.

Test a Piece

Before you go ahead and clean a carpet and do the various cleaning steps, making use of chemicals, it is always advisable to first test a small portion of the carpet with the said chemicals and solutions so as to ensure that the color doesn’t run and that it doesn’t damage the carpet in any manner. See how the carpet or the rug material first reacts to the chemicals chosen for deep cleaning.


  1. Vacuuming: The initial step of the process is to vacuum both the sides of the carpet the top as well as the side facing the floor and also vacuum the floor. If possible and easily tackled, try to take it outside and give it a good shake as well. Make sure that you do not vacuum at the fringes or at the bindings.
  2. Attack the stains: Now it is time to clean the stains one at a time. All stains must be cleaned with one method; blot the stain from the outside in with a cleaning solution and then rinse it with clean water. Repeat the method until the stains is cleared. Then blot it dry with a paper towel. Never scrub the carpet as you may not just ruin the carpet fibers but there is also the risk of letting the stain soak deeper inside. If the stains are water soluble stains use a simple cleaning solution made out of 1/4th teaspoon of white vinegar with 32 ounces of water. For blood stains and chocolate stains, mix 1 tablespoon ammonia with 1 cup water and clean the stains. For fat, wax and oil stains, place a paper towel over it and run an iron on warm setting. This will cause the stain to come off and stick on the paper towel. If there are any urine stains first make sure to absorb as much as you can with a towel and then blot it with a cool, damp cloth. Now spray a solution of one part vinegar with one part water. Finally apply mild, non-bleach detergent mixed with water over the stain and rinse and blot dry it.
  3. Deep clean the carpet: There are a certain carpets that can be hand washed by placing a plastic beneath and then sponging it clean and towel dry it. As for a carpet, it will have to be steam cleaned. For deep cleaning, you will have to mix ¼ cup salt, ¼ cup borax and ¼ cup vinegar and apply it to heavy stains or soiled parts of the carpet. Now let this paste sit for a few hours until it dries up completely, now vacuum it away. Now make use of the steam cleaner to deep clean the carpet. You can skip shampooing the carpet as hot water will remove most of the grime well; however ensure that you fill your steam machine with really hot water. In case of extremely soiled carpets, add 1 cup of white vinegar to the water for some deep cleaning. Now use the steam cleaner and clean the carpet thoroughly. Make sure that you soak the carpet thoroughly and then dry up the carpet. After the carpet dries up it is advisable that you steam clean it the second time too. Once the carpets dry completely, you can bring in the furniture. It is advisable to place some aluminum foil underneath the legs of your furniture so as to avoid stain bleeding.

The above mentioned steps are a part of the deep cleaning process of a carpet. Once you do this, your carpets will look completely new and you will thus see the benefits of indulging in such elaborate cleaning process. Since it is an elaborate process, it is advisable to set aside a weekend for this purpose so that you can give your full attention to the same.